Day care workers accused of running toddler ‘Fight Club’ for amusement

Posted at 12:35 PM, Sep 02, 2015

CRANFORD, NJ - Two New Jersey day care workers are accused of making the children fight each other for their own amusement.

Authorities said the workers recorded videos of the scuffles and shared them with friends.

According to police, the former day care employees referenced the movie "Fight Club" as they encouraged preschoolers and kindergartners to fight each other in the playground at Light Bridge Academy.

The Union County prosecutor, Grace Park, said 22-year-old Erica Kenny, one of the teacher's assistants charged, used the app Snapchat to send clips of the disturbing fights to a group of people.

"About a dozen children, boys and girls between the ages 4 and 6, just fighting throwing each other to the ground hitting each other," Park said of the videos.

Officials said they are still investigating but they do not believe any of the children were seriously injured.

Park said the former workers, including  28-year-old Chanese White, did it for pure pleasure.

The day care's vice president Jaclyn Falzarano said Kenny and White were immediately fired.

"Again, what we will like to focus on is all of the children are safe, that is our number one priority," Falzarano said. "We've actually been in constant communication with our parents to let them know that we are here to nurture the care and education of their children."

Both former workers are facing charges for child abuse; one is also charged with endangering the welfare of a child.