DWS website provides tips, resources for parents searching for child care programs

Posted at 5:05 PM, Sep 06, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-07 09:31:33-04

SALT LAKE CITY – For parents who work and need to find childcare for their children, the Department of Workforce Services has a new website offering tools, tips and resources to help them find the right day care or after-school program for their kids.

This website is called “Care About Childcare." Officials with workforce services say it’s a resource for parents throughout the state who are new to the concept of childcare or want to find the right services for their child.

Scott and Lindsay Clark said they recently found the perfect day care for their son, Sawyer.

“I really like the security cameras they have here,” said Lindsay Clark. “I just watch him all day at work and don’t get anything done.”

The couple says it offers them all the services they need to feel confident their son is getting the care he needs.

“It’s right by our house,” Lindsay Clark said. “It’s like 5 minutes way. And that was really important to me.”

The Clarks used the new Care About Childcare website to locate the center.

“We just typed in our zip code, and then a bunch of different options came up, and they were ranked and have like, any times that they were written up for whatever reason,” Scott Clark said.

Lindsay Clark added, “It gave the certifications that the teachers have that work at this school, so I liked that about it."

Tracy Gruber with the Department of Workforce Services said the website offers many options for comparing services, identifying quality centers, and comparing pricing and neighborhoods.

“We know from a lot of research that early childhood development is critical for success of children,” Gruber said. “And part of that early childhood development, in many cases, involves being in childcare programs. And when those childcare programs are of high quality, we know that kids are nurtured and cared for in environments that support their development.”

Gruber said the site, as well as thorough research of the programs, can help parents select a center.

“Go back and pay particular attention to how the caregivers are interacting with those children, how they’re handling supportive interactions, how they’re handling discipline, and then make your decision from there,” Gruber said.

The website also features after school programs and activities for kids, as well as tips for healthy child development, school readiness and nutrition. Click here to visit.