Video shows several people rescuing driver from burning cab after semitrailer crash in Tooele County

Posted at 3:35 PM, Sep 09, 2015

TOOELE COUNTY, Utah – The cab of a semitrailer caught on fire after the vehicle crashed into a motel sign in Tooele County Wednesday, and video footage from the scene shows several people coming together to get into the cab and rescue the driver inside.

Trooper Chad McCoy, Utah Highway Patrol, said the single-vehicle accident occurred when a semitrailer leaving a Flying J Truck Stop in Lake Point later drifted off the road and struck a motel sign. The crash occurred sometime Wednesday morning.

The cab of the vehicle caught on fire, and in the video several people can be see working together to gain entry to the cab and pull the driver—who appeared to be unconscious—out of the wreckage. At least some of those on scene in the video appear to be police personnel, while others are not wearing any uniforms and appear to be bystanders.

At one point someone shouts, “Hurry!” as one man uses a blunt object and appears to shatter a window to gain access to the cab as heavy smoke pours out. After the man is pulled from the cab, several people carry him a short distance from the truck.

McCoy said at this point it appears a medical issue caused the driver to black out or pass out shortly before the crash, and he said as of now there are no obvious signs the driver was impaired. The driver suffered minor injuries in the crash and was taken to a hospital.

See the video above, submitted by FOX 13 News viewer Ginger, for footage of the rescue.