Family says neighbor’s two dogs attacked, killed their pet but will soon be allowed back in the neighborhood

Posted at 6:21 PM, Sep 10, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-11 20:09:01-04

LAYTON, Utah -- A family's dog is dead after two pit bulls brutally attacked, biting two people in the process. Now, neighbors are worried the pit bulls are coming back to the area without the owner's being fined or any action being taken.

A small grave in the Walker family's back yard marks where their dog, Angel, lies.

"She should have been safe in her own backyard," Patrice Walker said.

Angel was brutally attacked by two pit bulls just a week ago.

"I turned around and the two pit bulls were coming up the driveway, and I couldn't shut the door in time and they came back here and they grabbed Angel," Walker said.

In their own back yard, the family and neighbors watched helplessly.

"One dog put the death grip on her, and I think he broke her neck because her neck was off to the side and she was foaming at the mouth and the other pit bull had her by the legs and they were tearing her apart," Walker said.

The family tried desperately to pry Angel from the grasp of the other dogs, but they got bit in the process. Once the dog was finally released, they rushed her to the animal ER. But Angel didn't make it.

"She took her last breath probably five minutes later," Walker said.

As for the two pit bulls, "These pit bulls are now under quarantine because they did break skin of the Chihuahua owners," Walker said.

The family says an animal control officer told them no charges would be filed and the pit bulls would soon be back in the neighborhood.

"I'm petrified of those dogs coming back into our neighborhood," Walker said.

The family fought to have the case taken to the city prosecutors, and now Davis County Animal Control says they're working to get the citation and witness statements to the city.

"They'll look at the information they have and see if they want to press charges and what those charges entail," said Clint Thacker, Director of the Davis County Animal Control.

Charges could range from a citation to the dogs being euthanized.

"I don't want those dogs in the neighborhood," Walker said.

FOX 13 News was not able to make contact with the owner of the pit bulls. City prosecutors say it could take up to six months for any charges to be filed. As for the Walker family, they said they don't want to see this happen to anyone else.