Utah group applies to start gay-welcoming scout troop

Posted at 5:35 PM, Sep 25, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-25 20:09:40-04

SALT LAKE CITY - Restore Our Humanity is making a habit of fighting to join exclusive institutions.

First it was marriage, where they funded the successful court fight against Utah's constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

Now, it's the Boy Scouts of America, where they are testing the organization's newly-stated openness to having troops with gay scouts and leaders.

"We feel like we have a really good opportunity here to serve an under-served population in Utah that are looking for scouting opportunities that might be outside other religious organizations," said Mark Lawrence, ROH's director.

On Friday morning, the group submitted an application for a charter with the Boy Scouts of America.

Rick Barnes, the executive of the Great Salt Lake Council of the BSA, greeted them and accepted the application, saying that he would pass it on to the national organization.

"What I want everyone to understand is we don't discuss sexuality. We've never asked anyone what their orientation is. We've always accepted all boys and we always will. It's about scouting and it's about providing to every boy," said Barnes.