Work in area of North Salt Lake landslide ongoing, but some parties still at odds over clean-up efforts

Posted at 5:40 PM, Sep 30, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-30 23:44:30-04

NORTH SALT LAKE, Utah -- Equipment sits on a North Salt Lake hill as workers carry out a plan to stabilize the hillside after a landslide destroyed a home in August of last year and damaged other properties.

North Salt Lake City Manager Barry Edwards said crews have been out there every day since early August, and they're on track to finish in November.

As part of the $2 million plan, they're grading and reshaping the hillside. Next, they'll plant vegetation and install drainage.

Edwards said they'll build a terrace wall behind one of the homes. They're working on the upper portion of the hill, because a lot is in the air about what's down below.

In fact, a stark line of black tarp fencing separates the progress from untouched wreckage.

"[The] only frustration is, I would like to see work on the tennis court go a little faster," Edwards said.

The Eagle Ridge Tennis Club tent sits torn up. Dirt and debris spill onto their court. That's because they bowed out of the clean-up plan, saying it limited their ability to file future suits for losses.

Lawsuits are still swirling around with the landslide, including one from the tennis club against the city and developer.

Edwards said he hopes they can still reach an agreement with the club on clean up.

"We would like to pursue remediation and get all the parties together," he said.

If remediation proves successful, Edwards said they would create another phase of clean up to address that part of the hillside.

But the Eagle Ridge Tennis Club gave a statement to FOX 13 News, saying they have been cooperative when it comes to cleaning up. They said the city and developer have made no effort to fix the club's portion of the hill.

Either way, it means for now, work is not moving forward for this part of the slide.