Video appears to show man’s match mishap escalating to structure fire

Posted at 3:11 PM, Oct 04, 2015

A video posted to YouTube Sunday appears to show a man’s mishap with an oil match escalating to a trash can fire and eventually into a conflagration that appears to affect his entire residence. The video title is in Japanese, with Google providing the following automated translation: “October 4, 2015 in a large situation in which the distributor is a fire in an oil match in delivery.”

While it is not entirely clear what is happening in the video, the man appears to be showing off a lighter and later some matches when a small fire breaks out. Things begin to get hot around the 5-minute mark into the video.

The man can be seen moving burning material into a trash can, which quickly catches fire. The man doesn’t appear to notice the growing flames at first, but when he does his attempts to douse it are ineffective. With plenty of fuel in the form of cardboard around, the fire quickly grows. The video shows the man and others bringing in water and otherwise attempting to smother the flames, but by the end of the video all that can be seen is smoke.

Few details are known about the incident, and it’s entirely possibly the man’s seemingly hapless reactions to the fire are all faked and the video is for entertainment rather than footage captured by happenstance.