State agencies stepping up enforcement of express lane violations on I-15

Posted at 2:35 PM, Oct 08, 2015

DAVIS COUNTY, Utah -- Troopers and the Utah Department of Transportation are teaming up to crack down on Express Lane violators.

UDOT recently started allowing drivers to use the Express Lanes along I-15 in Davis County, but the agency doesn't want drivers to break the rules.

UDOT Spokesman John Gleason said the most common violations are drivers crossing the double white lines (instead of only crossing over the dashed single line), and single vehicle drivers using the express lanes without an express pass.

They will be enforcing these rules next week from Tuesday through Friday, all the way from Layton down to Spanish Fork.

"Occasionally when traffic is all backed up, people are jumping into the HOV lane to get ahead of everybody else, and while I can see, yeah, they need to get somewhere, it's not safe, and it's not really fair to everyone else that's sitting there,”Trooper Amy Maddox said.

UDOT said one in five drivers violate the rules regarding the Express Lanes every day, and troopers pull over 300 drivers a month for those same violations.  A ticket will cost you $175.00.