‘ThrU turns’ aim to alleviate traffic congestion in Layton

Posted at 4:52 PM, Oct 09, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-09 18:52:42-04

LAYTON, Utah -- Traffic in part of Layton has caused headaches for drivers for years, according to Layton Mayor Bob Stevenson, but now four new intersections are about to change that.

UDOT is putting in "ThrU turns", and they will be off I-15 at the Hill Field Exit.

UDOT spokesperson John Gleason said the current four intersections were on top of each other and causing drivers to spend more than ten minutes just to travel a half mile.

Businesses nearby said customers have told them they usually shop elsewhere.

The Thru turns move the left hand turns forward, beyond the intersection, and they allow drivers more room to make the u-turn or left turn without holding up traffic.

“Before this project, there were a lot of people avoiding the mall, the retail shops because it was so hard to navigate," Gleason said. "This is going to solve that issue."

One of the four ThrU turns has been open for a few weeks, and the final three will open on Sunday.

Police will be there to help direct drivers who are confused at first.

There are a few other parts of this UDOT construction project that will also help relieve traffic congestion in that area. It includes widening the overpass on I-15 there at the Hill Field exit and adding three new lanes on Hill Field Road.