SLC leaders join neighborhood watch app Nextdoor to issue safety alerts

Posted at 5:27 PM, Oct 12, 2015

SALT LAKE CITY -- Salt Lake City government and police are collaborating with a neighborhood watch app in an effort to engage residents and build safer communities, officials announced Monday.

Salt Lake City residents have used the app, Nextdoor for years. The app is a private neighborhood-focused social network for residents that is designed to keep each other informed about what is going on in their community.

The city and law enforcement are joining the app to issue safety alerts to specific neighborhoods.

“You can know when there is a suspicious person walking around the neighborhood,” said Nextdoor app user of three years, Blake Perez.  “People will post it.  I want to know where they (the suspicious person) are at and notify my neighbors as well."

The Nextdoor app is free to use. Seventy-seven communities in Salt Lake City are currently signed up.

There are more than 77,000 cities nationwide that use it.