Site of polygamous compound in Sandy gets new life after years of vacancy

Posted at 5:34 PM, Oct 21, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-21 23:59:45-04

SANDY, Utah -- A former polygamist compound that sat vacant for years gets new life as a luxury neighborhood, and it will debut to the public in just a few days.

One half-built home sits across from the entrance of Treseder, and four more homes are on the way as the new neighborhood begins to take shape.

Jacob Ballstaedt with Garbett Homessaid the plan calls for 15 houses. The gated community will aim for luxury, with large "Mountain Tech" or "Mountain Modern" style homes.

Wednesday afternoon, crews spent time putting the finishing touches on the model home. Garbett Homes will host a big community debut on Saturday.

"They are very anxious and excited to see what's becoming of the property," Ballstaedt said of the nearby residents.

Anxious, because the land the neighborhood sits on used to be one of FLDS Church Leader Warren Jeffs' polygamist compounds that sat vacant for years.

"For so long, it was just abandoned, and ugly and overgrown," Ballstaedt said.

The model home sits within eyesight of a reminder of that history. Two former compound homes sit empty on what is now privately-owned property next to Treseder.

Weeds overtake the land, and homes. What used to be a pond is now a large hole in the ground. Ballstaedt said they'll build a home over it.

"We, for a long time, have always contemplated what might happen to the former area that was here," said James Sorensen, an Assistant Community Development Director for the City of Sandy.

He said the former compound land was annexed into city limits about a year ago, and the city is relieved to see it breathing new life.

"Considering what was here before, we feel it a great benefit to this area to have these beautiful new homes coming into this area, and getting rid of such an eyesore that was at the mouth of such a beautiful canyon," Sorensen said.

There is one thing Treseder kept from the compound: the original concrete wall.

"It was a nice wall, it was built well," Ballstaedt said. "It's served its purpose, and if we could just improve it, make it look better-it made sense [to keep it]. So we kept it."

A piece of the land's history, that now borders the place many families will call home.

Garbett Homes is hosting the community grand opening event on Saturday, October 24. Treseder is located at 3601 South Little Cottonwood Road.