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Big Budah’s blog: Taking it one task at a time

Posted at 8:22 PM, Oct 22, 2015

I am feeling energetic and full of life these days, though not so much after the gym because I am busting my hump when I am I there! I feel stronger and healthier every week.

The highlight of this week in my workouts is trying new things to maximize my calorie burn. I don't know what it's called, but I tried it and it kicked my trash for sure, but I pushed myself (see the video above). If I can do this, anyone can. Half the battle is showing up at the gym.

I am really starting to utilize and understand in-depth some of what Doctors Cottom and Richards, along with BMI Utah, have been trying to teach me from day one: "Take it on one task at a time", and if five reps is what you can do, then next time try six.

My other highlight was being able to tour the University of Utah (my alma mater) Football Facility with our little league football team. Big shout out to Coach Whitt and his staff, especially our tour guide Alema Fitisemanu and the players for being so cool, even after a hard practice.

Until next week, GO UTES!

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