Police warn public of armed and dangerous suspect, say they fear for safety of his wife

Posted at 4:27 PM, Oct 31, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-31 18:35:49-04

Wanted fugitive Christopher McMillan and his wife Veronica. Police say Christopher  McMillan is armed and dangerous, and they are greatly concerned for his wife’s safety.

MILLCREEK, Utah – Police are searching for a man who they believe is armed and extremely dangerous, and officers said the man poses a serious risk to the public and police. Further, officers are very concerned for the welfare and safety of the man’s wife.

The man is wanted in connection with the SWAT response that occurred in Millcreek Friday. Police were called to the home after reports of shots fired but ultimately found no one inside.

However, in a press release issued Saturday, officers said they have learned a man shot his brother in the foot during an argument and fled the scene. That man, Christopher John McMillan, 43, is wanted and considered to be armed and dangerous.

The man’s brother said Christopher made statements indicating he was on a “suicide mission” and is high on meth and bath salts and said he’s, “going to kill someone.”

The man is pictured above, and anyone who sees him or who has knowledge of his whereabouts should call UPD immediately at 801-743-7000. McMillan may be driving a silver Honda Odyssey van or a white Lexus 400 series passenger car.

Police stated that after investigating the empty residence, they tracked the man’s brother down in Layton. The man had been shot in the foot and he told police the brothers were arguing while McMillan’s wife, 43-year-old Veronica McMillan, waited in the car.

The suspect left the apartment, and at the point the brother heard three gunshots from the area of the car. When he ran to the door to see what had happened, he found the suspect wielding a gun. During the ensuing struggle, the man tried to shoot his brother and then fled after shooting the victim in the foot.

Veronica McMillan, who may be in the company of an armed and dangerous suspect. Police are concerned for her safety. Image via UPD.

Police stated they cannot find Veronica, and they are greatly concerned for her welfare and safety based on the incident that occurred and the reported statements of the victim regarding his brother.

Christopher McMillan is wanted for questioning and potentially faces charges that include attempted homicide.

McMillan is currently on probation, and it is believed he was involved in the theft of more than $50,000 in fur coats in Park City on October 22.

Police stated: “Christopher has a very extensive and violent criminal history. He is a member of a violent white supremacist prison gang and has been involved in shootings with police in the past. UPD considers him to be armed and extremely dangerous. We believe he poses a serious risk to the public and any police officer with whom he comes in contact.”