Couple who found memory card filled with family photos hopes to find owners

Posted at 5:51 PM, Nov 12, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-13 09:23:32-05

MURRAY, Utah -- A small card holds big memories, and the folks who found it are hoping to reunite the owners with their photos.

“I just couldn’t imagine losing those; it’s just really sad we have all these people’s photos,” said Kalen Nielsen of Murray.

Kalen and her husband Stewart found a memory card on the ground.

“I’m hoping we can find these people and get this back to them,” Stewart said.

They spotted the card on the ground on a crowded summer day in June.

"We plugged it in, it had a whole bunch of pictures on it," Stewart said. "I looked around quickly to see if the first picture on there was anyone in the crowd."

But with no luck spotting the owners, they took the card home and looked through the more than 700 photos.

“There were just a lot of priceless, irreplaceable photos,” Kalen said.

Priceless memories of baby blessings, holiday celebrations and family gatherings left behind on the card.

“This has enough important family pictures that somebody is going to want this back,” Stewart said.

So the couple went to work trying to find the family.

“It has been fun trying to link the different clues,” Stewart said.

Looking at pictures taken from Thanksgiving Point to local shops in Payson, they want to return the photos to the family.

“I just couldn't imagine losing those: It's just really sad we have all these people's photos,” Kalen said.

Now the couple needs your help to get the photos back to the family.

“We don't want them to lose those memories,” Kalen said.

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