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Posted at 1:50 PM, Nov 13, 2015
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Recovering addict Lindsay Titus, Client Relations Director with Renaissance Ranch Outpatient, tells us how people can get the help they need. For more information, call 801.572.HEAL or go here.

Lindsay Titus

Lindsay Titus

Lindsay Titus

Client Relations Director

Discussing the Women’s Program at Renaissance Ranch Outpatient

Lindsay Titus, the Client Relations Director at Renaissance Ranch Outpatient, speaks candidly about addiction and how the stigma of it interferes with people’s ability to seek help. She primarily works in the women’s program at the outpatient and answers questions regarding the significance of gender specific groups and how they have a positive impact on clients during their recovery process. Recovery from addiction looks different for everyone but the common thread is willingness. Lindsay talks about what recovery can look like with the hopes of inspiring other women to seek help and make the first steps toward true freedom.

Recently we have discussed the Substance Abuse problem that seems to continue to grow across the country and also here at home, in Utah.

Lindsay, do you believe there is a stigma associated with addiction and if so how does it affect people needing or seeking treatment?

Yes, there is a definite stigma associated with addiction. A lot of people typically assume alcoholics and addicts are only the people that live under bridges and have brown paper bags with their drinks and are begging for money on the side of the street. However addicts and alcoholics are all around us. I dare say we all know someone who is affected by addiction, whether they know an addict or a family member of someone struggling with addiction. Your next-door neighbor, or a church acquaintance or coworker all might struggle with addiction. Addiction has different faces. The stigma interferes with people getting help because they don’t think they really have a problem or, if they do, they are too ashamed to vocalize it.

We have heard that Renaissance Ranch Outpatient has an incredible “Women’s Only” program.  Why is it important to have a separate women’s program?

Coed and gender specific groups are both important. Each have pros and cons, however a women’s-only group has a different feeling and level of vulnerability. Women tend to get more honest with other women and are able to work through different types of trauma specific to women that is generally associated with addiction.

What does recovery feel like or look like? What can you expect when you make the choice to change your life?

Recovery looks different for everyone and there is definitely a spectrum of feelings that will probably be new to you when you get sober. Recovery really is like learning to live life all over again. Learning new tools and ways to cope with the world, discovering your passion and purpose and what moves you. But, generally speaking, recovery is awesome. I myself am in recovery and my life has never been more amazing. My life today is by far better than any day in my addiction. In my addiction, I felt alone and hopeless and today I feel loved and motivated. Recovery is empowering .

At Renaissance Ranch Outpatient we offer a gender-specific, outpatient program geared toward women seeking to be liberated from the captivity of their addiction.  Here, women experience a safe environment where they can confront the underlying issues of their addiction in an appropriate and open setting.  With the help of qualified female substance abuse counselors and female addiction specialists, you’ll be guided through the clinically-driven and spiritually based program.  We’re here to help.  Call us today to learn more.  Call Today!(801) 572-HEAL (4325) /

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