Technology to wirelessly link speed of trucks traveling together being tested in Utah

Posted at 6:29 PM, Nov 20, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-20 20:29:07-05

TOOELE, Utah -- Buckle up for the next step in connecting cars: a new wireless technology is being tested on a large-scale in Utah.

On the wide open road in Tooele, heavy trucks hook together using wireless technology.

It's called platooning. It's like cruise control, but for a pair of trucks.The system takes over braking and accelerating, while drivers are still alert and can take control at any time.

It's the closeness of the trucks that reduces wind resistance, and in return saves up to 10 percent in fuel costs.

“We think it's going to improve safety for the motorists and freight safety in general, and improve it for everybody,” said Stephen Boyd, Co Founder of Peloton Technology.

With the trucks so close together, the system also has a radar system. If something obstructs the road, brakes slam on in both trucks.

“This is exciting for us, we see some real potential in melding all the equipment with the productivity that it offers,” said Rick Clasby, Executive Director of the Utah Trucking Association.

A few months ago, the state approved the testing of this system on the freeway in Tooele. You can spot the trucks with the "platooning demo" sign on the back.