Video shows release of 10 bighorn sheep relocated to Beaver Dam Mountains

Posted at 3:36 PM, Nov 23, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-23 19:48:25-05

SOUTHERN UTAH — Officers with Division of Wildlife Resources relocated 10 bighorn sheep from outside Zion National Park to the Beaver Dam Mountains.

The capture and release of the sheep took place on Thursday and Friday. The relocation was meant to protect the herd from disease, said Lynn Chamberlain, DWR spokesman.

The video below shows the release of the sheep. The video was released by DWR.

Chamberlain said DWR has management plans assigned for several species in Utah. When numbers get to high in one area, the animals can either be hunted or relocated.

Overcrowding of animals has a tendency to spread disease. With elk and deer, Chamberlain said, overcrowding has a potential to damage the environment.

Relocation occurs on a regular basis. In December, DWR officers will be moving pronghorn antelope off Parker Mountain in Wayne County to a different location.

The location has not yet been determined.