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How to use positive psychology in your life

Posted at 12:36 PM, Nov 24, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-24 14:36:46-05

Therapist Korinne Bouwhuis shared easy ways to incorporate positive psychology into your life. Positive psychology is essentially the study of happiness. It`s all about the difference between surviving and thriving. Individuals can be surviving well, and often on the outward appearance of things are thriving, but they are not really flourishing fully.
There are three categories describing our approach to happiness:
The Good Life: knowing your signature and natural strengths and then tailoring your life in a variety of areas to use those strengths and build a smooth rhythm in your life.
The Meaningful Life: using your signature strengths in the services of something that is bigger than you.
The Pleasant Life: focusing on experiencing a lot of pleasures and using mindfulness skills to magnify your experience of them.
It turns out that our approaches to happiness have a significant impact on how happy we truly are, and it appears that a focus on the good or meaningful life has a more solid relationship to our level of happiness than does a focus on the pleasant life. Gratitude practices turn our focus to the good and meaningful life.
Daily Gratitude Diary:
3-5 things you are grateful for: things that went well, small successes or victories of the day, things you would like to see continue and that you feel good about.
1 thing you did not like: is there any way you can see this as a blessing in disguise, or an experience that will help you in some way?

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