Draper police nab suspect who stole mail from hundreds of people in Salt Lake County

Posted at 5:54 PM, Nov 25, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-25 19:54:29-05

DRAPER, Utah – For the past week and a half, Draper Police have stepped up surveillance in neighborhoods, looking for the person who has been grabbing mail out of mailboxes and taking off.

Tuesday, a tip paid off, and they arrested 35-year-old Kevin Humphreys.

“He was actually at a Check City while we were actively looking for him to cash a forged check,” said Sgt. Chad Carpenter with the Draper Police Department.

Police searched Humphreys' home and vehicle, and they found thousands of pieces of mail.

“So far, we've identified at least seven to eight cities just within Salt Lake County alone where mail has been stolen,” Sgt. Carpenter said.

Investigators say this is the third time Humphreys has been arrested for the same thing. In addition to possession of stolen property and forgery charges, he could face federal charges.

Jordan Page lives in a Draper neighborhood that was targeted three times in the past week. Her neighbors have been on the lookout, hoping police would track down the suspect before he struck again.

“You're kind of on pins and needles," Page said. "You feel a little violated or vulnerable when you know someone is driving through your neighborhood, sometimes coming up into your driveway, taking stuff that's yours."

While police have recovered piles and piles of stolen mail, they don’t want people to put their guards down.

“Immediately, go out and get your mail," Carpenter said. "Don't let it sit there for two or three hours. Obviously, do not let it sit overnight."

Page said the case is an important reminder to all: “It just goes to show you that you can never be too safe or too careful, no matter what your neighborhood is like."

If you are missing some mail, it’s going to take some time for police to sort through all of the mail they’ve retrieved. Call the Draper Police Department Monday for more information.