Missing jewelry? Robbed lately? Cottonwood Heights PD might have your stuff

Posted at 5:13 PM, Dec 06, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-09 13:41:41-05

COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, Utah -- A couple of weeks ago, the Vegh family saw something a little off in their home.

“Her stuff was turned upside down, and her closet had been gone through,” said David Vegh about his wife Heidi’s belongings.

While it seemed strange, burglars didn’t immediately come to mind. In fact, they thought maybe their kids were up to something.

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Nothing seemed to be stolen, and, Heidi Vegh said, “There was no sign of a break in.”

But, a couple of days later, they realized what was really going on.

“I went to open my jewelry drawer, and everything was missing,” Heidi Vegh said.

She found her jewelry gone. With the crime now days old, the couple thought police had a slim chance of catching the thieves.

“Sometimes you think that stuff like this will never be resolved,” David Vegh said.

Fast forward a couple weeks, to a U-Haul truck sitting in a Cottonwood Heights neighborhood, and an uneasy resident watching it closely.

“We had a concerned citizen call in two suspects in their neighborhood,” explained Cottonwood Heights Police Sergeant Ryan Shosted. “The people were just acting suspiciously. They did not look like they belonged there.”

That concerned call, turned into a bust. Police arrested Colton Olsen and Kelsey Welcher on unrelated warrants.

What they found in the U-Haul: “A lot of personal property that belonged to people, that was taken from residential burglaries,” Sgt. Shosted said.

Personal property like the jewelry that disappeared from the Vegh household weeks before.

While Heidi Vegh got some of her pieces back, police couldn’t find all of it.

“The most expensive thing that was taken was my wedding ring from my late husband: We are still trying to find that,” she said.

Cottonwood Heights PD is also trying to track down where all the stolen goods belong.

This crime spree comes with a warning, from the Veghs and from police.

They highlight the importance of taking steps like locking doors, keeping packages off your porch, staying aware of your surroundings and, of course, reporting anything suspicious.