Utah shelter pets play Santa’s furry helpers in holiday video with charitable cause

Posted at 7:46 PM, Dec 09, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-10 10:04:48-05

SALT LAKE CITY — A new video featuring animals from a shelter in Salt Lake County pairs up human hands and animal heads to create a unique take on Santa’s elves getting ready for the holiday season, and each time the video is shared on YouTube a meal will be donated to animals in need.

The video, “Santa’s Elves – Dogs and Cats with Human Hands Making Toys” was posted by Freshpet, and it is the second of their videos to feature animals from Utah shelters. Last year, a video of animals enjoying a human-style holiday feast featured animals from the Humane Society of Utah.

According to an email from the groups behind the video, “Freshpet decided for each “share” of the video, they will donate one meal to a pet in need.” The email states the Humane Society of Utah is among the shelters benefiting from the charitable drive.

The animals featured in the video are from Salt Lake County Animal Services, and according to the email the dogs featured have already been adopted but the cats in the film still need homes. According to the county, “Magnum” “Snowball” and “Fern” are still available to be adopted.

You can also see the “Behind The Scenes” footage from the Santa’s Elves segment, which features comment from Salt Lake County Animal Services.