Woman searches for rightful owners after bags of gifts found along road in West Jordan

Posted at 4:52 PM, Dec 19, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-19 23:50:20-05

UPDATE: The man who lost the gifts saw the broadcast of this story and contacted FOX 13 News. Our cameras were there as the man was reunited with the gifts and as he thanked the good Samaritan for her efforts, click here for that interview. 

Previous story continues below:

WEST JORDAN, Utah - A local woman is looking for the owner of various presents she found scattered in the road Friday night.

Leticia Broadbent was driving down 4800 West near 9000 South when she saw what she thought was debris in the road--but it turned out to be toys and clothes, presumably for Christmas.

"There was a couple of remote control trucks, and a little girl's jacket,” Broadbent said. “I can’t imagine losing my Christmas stuff.”

Broadbent says she was heartbroken when she realized the items may be someone’s Christmas shopping. There were two bags of items, purchased from Ross Dress for Less, with items totaling about $100. Some had been smashed by traffic, but the majority are still intact.

“To lose this many items, and just knowing that people struggle during this time of year,” Broadbent said. “If it was my items that I lost, I would hope that somebody would come forward and turn them in.”

Broadbent took the items to the Ross store at Jordan Landing, the closest store to where she found them. But without a receipt, it’s impossible to know who bought them. She imagines the bags fell out of a car or truck, without the person knowing. Broadbent hopes someone knows who they belong to.

Saturday, Broadbent posted the find on Facebook and other websites dedicated to lost and found items.