Orem police pass out gifts instead of tickets this holiday season

Posted at 9:49 PM, Dec 21, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-21 23:49:16-05

OREM, Utah -- Orem police are spreading holiday cheer to unsuspecting motorists during traffic stops.

For the past week, dozens of drivers were left in disbelief after they got pulled over by an officer and were given a gift instead of a ticket.

“Behind us we saw some police lights and it's a dreaded feeling getting pulled over,” said Jacob Moncur who was caught red-handed speeding in Orem Saturday afternoon.

“It’s always stressful when getting pulled over,” Moncur said.

Dash cam captured Moncur’s interaction with the officer. The traffic stop started normal with the officer asking for license and registration.

“He started making friendly conversation saying, ‘oh yeah where ya going today,’” Moncur recalled.

Moncur told the officer they were Christmas shopping for their 3-year-old son Max.

“They seemed a little frazzled and I figured it was the perfect opportunity,” said Officer Jason Mcclellan with Orem Police Department.

Mcclellan came back to the window but instead of a ticket he had a wrapped present in hand.

“It was completely unexpected and just caught us off guard, really off guard,” Moncur said.

“It's always a good experience to hand out something that isn't going to be a ticket,” Mcclellan said.

Three-year-old Max loves his new coloring book and crayons. Even though it's a small gift, it had a big impact.

“I just want to give him a big thanks one for making our Christmas season a little bit brighter two for giving our son a gift and three for putting his life out there all time for us,” Moncur said.

Officer Mcclellan said he loves giving as much as people love receiving.

“I think when a child sees an officer hand them something no matter how small it is it shows we are human and we aren't some scary blue machine with a badge on his chest,” Mcclellan said.

Orem police say they aren't encouraging people to break the law they simply want the community to know they care.