Anglers gather for ice fishing competition at Scofield Reservoir

Posted at 6:32 PM, Jan 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-02 23:41:19-05

SCOFIELD STATE PARK, Utah - Fishermen were out on Scofield Reservoir Saturday for an inaugural ice fishing competition. Nearly 200 anglers from all over Utah came to participate in the event.

They staked out their tents and gear across the ice.

First, they use an auger to drill a hole. Then, they dig out the remaining ice with a spoon. Then their fishing hole is ready, and they wait patiently for Rainbow Trout and Utah Chubs to take the bait.

Despite the cold temperatures, the sun was out and fisherman were enjoying their sport.

"It's a trophy no matter how small they are," one fisherman said after catching a chub.

The object of the tournament is to see who can catch the biggest trout or the most chubs.

"You have to use worms, bait, tie hooks, tie sinkers, use ice flies," said Jessie Anthony, an ice fisherman.

While some joined the competition, others came to enjoy the experience.

"It's my first time, I usually just fly fish, but being out here on the ice is actually a lot of fun," said ice fisherman Ian Black.

The smaller fish are caught and released to preserve the population. But families get to take the bigger fish home to cook and eat.

"You just have a chance of catching a lot bigger fish than you would from shore," said ice fisherman Kaden Dell'ergo.

"We're having a blast out here. People should definitely come out and ice fish, it's fun," said Jose Lucero, an ice fisherman.

Anglers who catch the biggest trout or the most chubs win a prize at the end of the competition.