Executive order by Pres. Obama draws criticism, support in Utah

Posted at 9:39 PM, Jan 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-05 23:39:08-05

SALT LAKE CITY -- Reaction to President Obama’s executive order, tightening restrictions on gun sales was both swift and predictable.

The president announced the gun control reform Tuesday in an emotional speech. The new requirements are drawing criticism and support from local leaders.

"His requirements will not make the country safer,” said Utah Congressman Rob Bishop.

Peter Corroon, chairman for the Utah Democratic Party, said the new requirements aren't about gun control, it's about community safety.

Not to be lost in the flood of comments, is Chelsi Archibald.

"We do go out as a family, my extended family and do target practicing," Archibald said.

She is a staunch supporter of second amendment rights.

"I was raised with firearms in our home and I was trained with them," she said.

Archibald is Utah’s representative for, a group at President Obama’s side during his gun control announcement.

"I guess some people see it as a black and white issue but what I was taught in my family that you respect firearms and you treat them with caution and safety," Archibald said.

A poll shows 76 percent of Utahns ‘strongly’ or ‘somewhat’ support expanded background checks.

"I think sometimes people get so wrapped up in their second amendment rights, they forget about how important our first amendment rights are, the right to free speech and intellectual exchange of ideas,” Archibald said.

A supporter of the President and a believer in gun rights, Archibald is hoping voices like hers cut through the political clutter and keep the focus, not necessarily on guns, but on safety.