Layton police officer resigns amid allegations of providing alcohol to minors

Posted at 6:42 PM, Jan 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-05 20:42:33-05

LAYTON, Utah – A Layton police officer resigned after an anonymous tipster told police he was supplying alcohol to minors.

The call came into Kaysville Police on Oct. 13, 2014 regarding Det. Shawn Walton. The caller claimed Walton had provided alcohol to minors in Nevada.

“It was very basic information, but we felt it was enough to notify his employment and we notified the administration of Layton City police,” said Lt. Paul Thompson with the Kaysville Police.

Walton worked as an officer and detective on the investigative unit in Layton for about 10 years. He was also employed part-time as an operator at Lagoon amusement park in Farmington.

Layton police authorities approached him about the allegations, but, a few days later, Walton resigned.

“We weren’t able to actually interview our officer before he resigned,” said Lt. Travis Lyman with the Layton police. “We were working our way through the investigation and he resigned before it was completed.”

Layton City refused to supply a photo of Walton. He was put on administrative leave so police could conduct an investigation.

Lyman said the department take matters like this very seriously.

“It certainly speaks to the public’s trust and how important we take that,” Lyman said. “If we were neglectful in following up on something like that, that would be a betrayal of that trust and we’re not inclined to do that.”

Lyman said because Walton resigned before they could conduct an investigation, Walton will not face legal action.

Because the alleged events took place outside the state, Lyman said, it’s out of their jurisdiction to try and charge Walton as a regular citizen.

“We don’t know exactly where or how often or if necessarily it, for sure occurred, but that was the allegation,” Lyman said.

Lyman said it is the duty of a police officer to follow the law.

“Certainly, officers are held to a standard that is to reflect positively on the department and on the profession, and something like that, supplying alcohol to a minor, would be something that wouldn’t be tolerated,” Lyman said.

Thompson said it is the primary responsibility of a police officer to be an example in the community.

“We’re entrusted with a lot of things and, you know, when things like this happen, that’s not the kind of interaction we want to have with the public,” Thompson said.

FOX 13 News reached out to Lagoon but they did not return phone calls.

Lyman said Walton’s alleged actions should serve as a reminder to other officers that they are never above the law and should obey all the laws the citizens they serve are required to follow.

“In this case, the consequences of a mistake like that were severe,” Lyman said.