Delta girl improves after roller skating accident

Posted at 9:37 PM, Jan 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-06 23:37:39-05

SALT LAKE CITY -- Six-year-old Tayton Timothy has been fighting for her life at Primary Children's Hospital for more than a week after a freak roller skating accident in Delta.

“I just kept telling myself she'll get better because I couldn't let it be any other way I couldn't think of it that way,” said Justin Timothy, Tayton’s father.

For more than week Justin has watched helplessly as his 6-year-old daughter lied motionless in the ICU.

“You can never imagine what its' like,” Timothy said.

Tayton suffered a skull fracture, swelling in her brain and eye damage after a roller skating accident in Delta on Dec. 26.

Tayton’s family says she was knocked over by another skater who then possibly landed on top of her. Doctors told her family they didn't know if she would make it.

“Unimaginable. I couldn't think what life would be like if we lost her,” Timothy said.

For the first time in a week Timothy saw his daughter’s bright blue eyes flutter.

“Her eyes were opened and I just jumped up and said yes I was so excited it was pretty awesome,” Timothy said.

Since then, Tayton has only been improving.

“Now she's moving, she's trying to talk, she's excited to watch a movie. We've watched ‘Frozen’ and all sorts of movies since last night,” Timothy said.

The community has come together to support Tayton and her family.

“It's a miracle. It was the prayers and the support and she has such a fighting spirit,” said Nancy Basford, Tayton’s great aunt.

One man, a stranger to the family, contacted Tayton’s favorite football team, the Dolphins, and now the team is sending her care package.

“She was excited when we told her you could see it light up in her eyes,” Timothy said.

And the family hopes to have something from her favorite player Cameron Wake.

Tayton will be moved from the ICU to the neuro trauma unit Monday night. They expect her to be in the hospital for at least a couple more weeks.

A Go Fund Me Page is set up for Tayton. Visit it at: