Friends, family remember Layton teen killed in auto-pedestrian accident

Posted at 9:18 PM, Jan 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-11 23:18:42-05

LAYTON, Utah -- Hundreds gathered around, holding candles on a cold January night to remember Layton teen killed in an auto-pedestrian accident Monday morning.

BaiLee was in the crosswalk with Eric Baarz, 17, near 199 N. Fort Lane when they were struck by a vehicle.

BaiLee died and Eric was taken to an area hospital in serious condition with significant leg injuries.

BaiLee DiBernardo’s father, Troy Horne, said the stories he heard about his daughter Monday night touched his heart.

"This young man talking earlier about how BaiLee saved his life, he attempted, tried to attempt suicide and took the blade from his hand," Horne said.

That young man is Tre Murphy.  He stood before the crowd and shared his own story.

"She grabbed that razor blade out of my hand and made sure I didn't bleed, stopped the bleeding and made sure I was taken care of and ever since then we've been brother and sister," Tre said.

Heartbroken again, Tre said that moment in his life, BaiLee stopping his suicide attempt, gave him strength he still carries.

"I vowed that I'd never cut again because of her and I never will," Tre said.

Others in the crowd were touched by BaiLee in simpler ways through friendship and service.

Members of her young women’s group recounted a time they thought BaiLee ditched out on washing windows, only to find she was rallying others to come help.

"She just has a light and when you meet her, you just want to be around that light," said Katheryn Chipman, a member of that group.

A light, and a laugh, many describing BaiLee as a prankster with a big heart. Her own father saying it was her laugh that often meant so much.

"The way her and I could sit there, look at each other and just laugh over nothing and continue to laugh just when we think we're done, we'd just cry out in laughter again.  That's my biggest thing, how her and I were together," Horne said.