UDOT announces projects aimed at giving Bangerter Highway more of a freeway feel

Posted at 7:54 PM, Jan 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-14 00:13:51-05

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – The Utah Department of Transportation announced a series of projects aimed at improving traffic flow along Bangerter Highway, and they are changes that will give the corridor more of a freeway feel.

UDOT is currently looking at the possibility of changing four intersections—5400 South, 7000 South, 9000 South and 11400 South—into interchanges. The interchanges are part of a multi-year process to upgrade Bangerter Highway and keep up with unprecedented growth on the county’s west side.

“Our goal is to always keep traffic moving,” UDOT Spokesman John Gleason said. “That’s more important now than ever before.”

Crews are also planning to create an interchange at 600 West. Interchanges already exist at 7800 South and at Redwood Road. Jason Burt manages the Burt Brothers Tire just off of Redwood and says the interchange there has greatly improved traffic in the area.

“The flow is really nice,” Burt said. “Any time you can get the cars, keep them from stopping, I think that’s a great plan.”

It’s a plan that depends on funds. Each interchange costs between $40 million and $50 million. UDOT says they plan to change all of the intersections over time, but right now are focusing on the four mentioned above.

Pending the outcome of environmental studies, construction on the interchanges at 4500 South, 7000 South, 9000 South and 11400 South is scheduled to begin as early as 2017. Construction on the interchange at 600 West will start in spring 2016.