Exhibit at Utah County gallery features work of artists with autsim

Posted at 10:04 PM, Jan 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-17 00:04:58-05

PROVO, Utah -- If you know someone with autism, you probably know they have endless energy, smarts and talent.

When those traits are harnessed in positive ways, the results can be spectacular, as an art exhibit in Utah County demonstrates.

The "Hidden Voices: Spectrum" at the Woodbury Art Museum has an exhibit featuring the works of artists with autism. The exhibit features sketches, watercolors, photography, oils and ceramics.

Artist Noah Smith said he really likes having his artwork on display.

"It was great, actually, I was happy that we're starting to get noticed and showing people that we're not all that different from them,” Smith said.

He said it’s a way to get his imagination out, and he gets inspiration from watching movies and reading books.

“The Terminator skull is obviously inspired by 'Terminator,’” he said. “I did it in my ceramics class at school, and I did my best, that's probably the best piece I have."

With a dragon egg he was going for more of an organic shape and, a self-portrait was one of his first ceramic pieces, so he said the representation is not that accurate.

Kelvin Landon also likes having his art on display.

"It's pretty awesome, I’m not going to lie,” he said.

His medium is sketching, and he has a fascination with wolves.

“They're awesome, you know, I mean, the way they stick together, and they look awesome, and of course they... they're all about family and stuff,” he said.

The Woodbury is Utah Valley University's art museum, and it’s located in University Mall.

Curator and museum director Melissa Hempel said part of its mission is bring attention to groups that might not have it otherwise.

Hempel said: “I just think it's important for everyone to understand that autism is a spectrum, and so the saying is: ‘If you know one individual on the autism spectrum, you know one individual on the autism spectrum.' So to make sure and maintain that individuality is really important."

Landon said the exhibit motivates him to create more art: “Yeah, you bet it does."

The "Hidden Voices: Spectrum" exhibition runs through March 5, and one of its main goals is to feature the artists of Utah County.