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Two fun things to make with grandkids: homemade snow & volcanoes (everything you need is from the dollar store!)

Posted at 1:55 PM, Jan 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-18 15:55:14-05

Grandma blogger Neva Fels shows us two indoor crafts that are great for kids. First is homemade snow.

Homemade Snow

-Body Lotion, 20 ounce bottle

-Corn Starch, 16 ounce box

-Peppermint Extract

-Large mixing bowl

Pour the corn starch into a large bowl and add half the bottle of lotion. The peppermint extract gives a nice smell, but isn`t necessary.
This is where stiring and squishing comes in. Keep adding lotion to the mixture until the dough is moldable.
Your hands will thank you for this softest snow ball making project ever. It`s time to add button eyes, sticks, and anything else that a snowman needs to wear. Store the dough in zip lock bags for future play times. Add some lotion if it becomes too dry.

Homemade Volcano


-Baking Soda, large box

-Shaving Cream, approximately 1/2 can needed


-Vinegar, large bottle

-Koolaid, packets

Pour the entire box of baking soda into a large bowl. The kids will love squirting shaving cream, that mostly ends up in the bowl and then squishing to mix and mold.
Place the snow balls on a plastic plate or tray that has sides, to keep the liquid from spilling. Spray or pour vinegar on the baking soda mixture to create your own erupting and foaming bubbles.
The snow balls will look really cool by sprinkling blue Koolaid powder and glitter over them. This works better than food coloring, since it won`t stain little fingers. Keep adding more vinegar onto the baking soda mixture and the fun lasts until the vinegar is gone.
I bought all these ingredients at the dollar store.