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Kindergarten Registration Checklist

Posted at 1:25 PM, Jan 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-21 16:11:34-05

Dawn Ramsey with Jordan School District tells us how to prepare your child for kindergarten.

It`s kindergarten registration time! And the time to start preparing for kindergarten is now. Most new kindergarten students in Utah will meet with their teacher for a Kindergarten Pre-Assessment right before school starts. This is not intended to be a high anxiety situation, but one that is comfortable, encouraging, and equally beneficial to all. There is no 'pass or fail' at the end of the evaluation.

Physical Preparation
Teach your child to take care of personal needs such as:
-tying shoes
-zipping coats
-putting on gloves
-buttoning pants
-using the bathroom without assistance
Practice getting enough sleep & eating a good breakfast

Emotional Preparation
Separation anxiety is a real thing. Don`t downplay your child`s fears. Help him or her build confidence by:
-Show them where they will go to school, and how they will get there
-Help them become familiar with the bus stop, introduce them to the other children and adults they will carpool with, or practice walking the route they will walk, discussing how to stay safe traveling to and from school
-Explain to them what you will be doing while they`re at school so they don`t fear they are missing something important
-Have a plan in case you are not home when they arrive
-Teach them your phone number & address
-Have them get used to spending a few hours with another trusted adult without mom or dad there
-Visit their classroom and meet the teacher before school starts

Personal & Social Preparation
-Teach them how to share with others
-Help them practice being patient, waiting their turn, not interrupting
-Practice following rules, playing well with others, & cleaning up after play
-Give them simple responsibilities at home
-Practice listening with understanding to directions
Language & Literacy
-Read, Read, Read to your child! Have books available for them to look at and enjoy
-Encourage them to write their name correctly (capital letter at the beginning, lowercase letters for the rest of the name)
-Sing the alphabet song and practice recognizing & writing the letters
-Practice speaking clearly enough to be understood without contextual clues

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