Two arrested on murder charges 12 years after Murray man’s body found in trash can

Posted at 10:16 PM, Jan 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-23 00:16:14-05

SALT LAKE COUNTY - After 12 years of mystery, Murray police and the Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office believe they finally have the people responsible for Michael Lewis' murder in custody.

Lewis, 24, was found stuffed into a trash can back in March of 2004. His body was found outside a residence where his girlfriend Brittany Snyder once lived. For years, police didn't have enough information to connect a suspect to the murder until the DA and police turned up a key witness.

"This witness is important and critical," said District Attorney Sim Gill.

The witness told the DA that they were present when Lewis was murdered. According to a probable cause statement gathered from witness testimony, Brittany Snyder was angry with Lewis, her boyfriend, and told him to meet her at her former residence, which at the time was vacant. The witness says that Snyder was not alone, her uncle Clinton was with her.

According to the PC statement, the witness stated: "Brittany Snyder sprayed Mr. Lewis in the face with pepper spray and Clint Snyder grabbed Mr. Lewis from behind and pulled him to the ground. Brittany Snyder then stabbed Mr. Lewis multiple times."

The details of the murder surprised neighbors.

"Oh my goodness," said Jason Kucher, whose cousin is the one who discovered the body. "We've had questions for so long about what happened. It's nice to see somone's finally been caught."

Both Snyders are now being held at the Salt Lake County Jail on a million dollar bond, and both are facing first-degree murder charges.