Law enforcement from around the country pay their respects to Officer Barney

Posted at 10:31 PM, Jan 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-26 00:31:45-05

OREM, Utah -- Many of the men and women in uniform at Officer Doug Barney's funeral, Monday, didn't know him.

While nearly all of Utah’s law enforcement turned out to pay their respects, officers from as far away as New York came to show their support.

"There is a bond between us and when it comes down to it we are going to have each other's backs," said Officer Jennifer Coats, of Berkley Calif.

Coats traveled from California to be in Utah for the funeral. She said she didn't know Barney, but she still feels the pain.

"Any police officer's loss of life affects all of us in law enforcement and one of the reasons I came is I wanted to show support, specifically for the Barney family and the Unified Police Department," Coats said.

Just taking a look at the different badges, it was evident Barney's death didn't just touch those in Utah, but the entire country.

"Unfortunately a lot of the good stuff in law enforcement doesn't get reported and this is an opportunity we get to come together for a tragic reason but we can also celebrate the great things law enforcement does as well to keep us safe," said Deputy Cliff Gann of Ada County Idaho.

These officers say they realize that it could have been them who died in the line of duty. Saying goodbye in person is just a small gesture, but also an important one.

"I think the best part about it is when someone comes up to you and thanks you for being here it just means to me that my presence alone meant something to somebody," said Det. Jason Chiappardi, of Austin, Texas.

During the funeral Barney’s wife Erika, acknowledged the positive impact law enforcement had on her husband's life, and the impact they continue to have as her family copes with his death.

"There is definitely a law enforcement culture, and by coming to know the other officers I realized Doug was part of that," she said.  "I feel so proud of him and I'm proud of all of you."