Incident report: Susan Hunt verbally berated trooper after crashing into his car while intoxicated

Posted at 4:41 PM, Jan 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-28 23:55:20-05

TOOELE COUNTY, Utah – The family of Susan Hunt spoke Thursday for the first time since her DUI arrest for hitting a Utah Highway Patrolman’s car, and an incident report alleges Hunt was verbally abusive toward the trooper after the crash.

“We’re not in her shoes, and I wouldn’t want to be,” said Barbara Huston, Hunt’s sister.  “She’s trying to deal with it the best she can."

In just a few weeks, a judge expects to rule on whether Hunt will take a $900,000 settlement stemming from when Saratoga Springs Police shot and killed her son, Darrien Hunt, 22, in 2014.

An incident report relating to a DUI stop indicates that Susan Hunt was apparently under the influence of alcohol when she crashed into a trooper's vehicle and then told the trooper he was "evil" and she hoped his children would die.

Susan Hunt was taken to a hospital after the crash Tuesday night, and at this point it is unclear if charges or citations will be forthcoming after the short police pursuit and crash--which was detailed in dash cam video from the trooper's vehicle. 

According to an incident report released Thursday, after the crash the trooper knocked on Hunt's driver's side window, but she did not respond and the trooper said when he opened the passenger side door she appeared confused and unaware she had just been in a crash.

The trooper states he asked Hunt to turn off the car, but she was unable to do so and began pushing a series of buttons, all while the trooper could detect a strong odor of alcohol. A case of Red's Apple Ale and an open can of the same were found in the vehicle. When the trooper asked if Hunt had been drinking, she said yes.

When the trooper asked her to exit the vehicle, Hunt allegedly became verbally abusive, offering, "inappropriate comments and at one point told me, 'You know what I know, you would be very grateful to rape me in my [expletives deleted]," according to the report. Hunt also allegedly told the trooper he was evil and she wished his children would die.

The trooper spoke with Hunt for about 13 minutes, attempting to coax her out of the car. Other troopers and medical personnel arrived to assist, but Hunt refused to get out of the car and at one point attempted to start the vehicle and leave the scene. The trooper grabbed her arm to stop her, and he states she began swinging her arms at him, trying to hit him in the face.

Hunt was then removed from the car and placed in handcuffs. She was taken to a hospital by ground ambulance, with police stating she refused to submit to a blood draw for DUI. After obtaining a warrant, a blood draw was taken several hours later.

While police said Wednesday formal charges or citations were still pending as Hunt received medical care, the incident report indicates Hunt was issued a summons and citation for driving under the influence of alcohol, driving on the wrong side of the roadway, reckless driving, disorderly conduct-refusing to comply with police order, and assault on a police officer.

Hunt is still involved in a legal dispute with Saratoga Springs and its police department over her son's death, and most recently a judge is deliberating on whether or not to enforce a $900,000 settlement that Hunt's attorney agreed to take but that Susan Hunt has said she did not agree to and will not accept. A non-disparagement clause included in that settlement is of particular importance to Hunt, click here for details. 

Hunt’s sister maintains that the DUI incident is a result of social media bullying and heckling from those who oppose the Hunt’s and their claim that Darrien was wrongly killed.

“She gets bombarded by (comments online) every single day and it’s always hate mail and it’s a lot to take for anybody," she said.