Retired Ohio officer pleads to buy K-9 partner, but there’s a legal hitch

Posted at 2:57 PM, Jan 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-31 16:57:58-05
Ajax and Officer Hickey. Image courtesy GoFundMe.

Ajax and Officer Hickey. Image courtesy GoFundMe.

By Zack Watson

Special to CNN

(CNN) — A police officer in Marietta, Ohio, was hoping his K-9 partner would join him in retirement, but the city says it may not work out that way.

Officer Mathew Hickey developed a close bond with his police dog, Ajax, and the two were together every day for the past three years. When Hickey retired from the force after 30 years of service, he tried to buy the dog from the city for $3,500.

“Ajax is a family member; he’s one of my children,” Hickey told CNN affiliate WBNS.

He’s also city property and could probably work for another five or six years. That means that under Ohio law, Ajax must be sold at auction.

“The dog is a property of the city of Marietta. Because it is a piece of personal property, it is treated just like if it was a shovel … that’s just how it is,” Paul Bertram III, city law director, told WBNS. “I don’t know that anyone in the city of Marietta wants that to happen.”

The city says it can only sell Ajax to current or former police officers or someone who trains police dogs, but Hickey is still worried.

“I’m afraid somebody might take the dog and auction way high, of course, over my head,” Hickey said.

Ajax is living with Hickey until the situation is resolved, and they’ve gotten a lot of support from the community.

The city’s Facebook page has been flooded with comments in favor of letting Hickey keep Ajax.

A GoFundMe campaign raised almost $50,000 — far more than its $3,500 goal — to help buy Ajax. Organizers of the campaign say any excess money will go to an organization that provides bullet/stab proof vests to K-9 units.