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Getting rid of your double chin without surgery

Posted at 1:45 PM, Feb 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-08 15:45:59-05

Dr. David Smart from University of Utah Dermatology talked about a brand new treatment that gets rid of problem areas. Problem areas are spots on the body that no matter how much you exercise or eat healthy some areas are just harder to tone down than others. Usually it is area like the flanks or 'muffin top,' belly fat, inner and outer thighs, and under the chin.

• For under chin fat they have a special treatment called Kybella that is a game changer. It helps to eliminate your double chin and redefine your jaw and is the only FDA approved treatment that actually dissolves fat. It is injected into the under chin area and starts dissolving the extra baggage you are carrying under there.

• For a contouring effect they offerCoolSculpting. It actually freezes your fat away without any recovery time. It targets and cools fats cells triggering their natural death. Lipids and fats crystallize faster than normal cells there is no damage to nerves or other tissues.

It varies depending on the procedure but about 90 days after a treatment you`ll see full results. Over those three months the fat cells shrink and begin to die as the patient metabolizes them and naturally eliminates them. The way it works means that those fat cells are completely gone so it has a long-lasting effect that kills off the fat cells for good. These techniques are really meant for people that can`t seem to get rid of certain problem areas, not those who have just begun a weight loss journey or who are already thin. There is a minimum threshold you have to meet so that the procedure doesn`t end up being detrimental and potentially freezing muscle. On the other side you won`t see the best results unless you are within about 30 lbs of your goal weight. There is minimal pain involved. There are no knives and no downtime. We do everything to make a patient feel comfortable when they come in. University of Utah Dermatology is the best in the Intermountian West and has a beautiful location next to the Fashion Place mall. For a consultation you can call or request an appointment on the website.


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