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How to organize your pantry like a pro in under 2 hours

Posted at 1:25 PM, Feb 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-08 15:25:35-05

Professional organizer Kelsey Tuia from Your Life Revamped shared useful tips for organizing your pantry like a pro. She stressed the fact that it does not need to be super complicated, just functional. Every family and home is different and requires individual attention.

  • First off, categorize, categorize, categorize! This should be self-explanatory: all jars together, cans, baking goods, cereal, etc. etc. Multi-purpose bins from The Container Store are perfect for so many items in your pantry.
  • Separate silverware, straws, plates, cups, and napkins into bins accordingly.
  • Get one bin for dips and seasonings alike!
  • Cans get lost easily if you don`t store them correctly. For the canned items you use most often, use my favorite multi-purpose bins with labels. If you utilize labels, you can even mix different types of canned food. If you have a smattering of different types of cans, use a stack-able bin so that you can see what you have on hand easily.
  • Baking items and dry goods such a flour, sugar, and rice will naturally go into larger bins; this goes for any items that you use in large quantities.
  • Plastic bins are boring, but a practical solution for snacks and things you can grab on the go like granola bars.
  • Get an organizer for your plastic wrap, plastic baggies, and aluminum foil. They will bring so much order to the chaos!

For more tips from Kelsey check out her website.