Police investigate rash of taco stand robberies in Midvale

Posted at 10:46 PM, Feb 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-10 09:48:12-05

MIDVALE, Utah -- There has been a rash of robberies targeting at a small Midvale family business and Unified Police are looking for the armed suspects, they're connected to a string of taco cart robberies.

The family makes most if not all their money in cash. In the past month they've had what they believe is the same man coming here demanding money. Now the owners here along with police need your help finding the suspect.

"We don't like it all cause it's frustrating knowing that you got robbed and stuff like that after all the hard work you put into it,” said Jose Magana, son of the taco stand owner.

For 12 years the Magana family has owned and operated five taco stands in Midvale, including the one on State Street. Since Jan. 6 their employees have been victims of a rash of violent crimes.

“Most of them, some crying, they're scared they don't want to be here no more,” Magana said.

“It's pretty surprising I was talking with the lady that's working and she said it's been about four times at gunpoint and like how scary is that right down the road,” said Natasha Perez, a taco stand customer.

Police say each robbery targets the same owners the suspect has a weapon in hand and demands cash.

“We're kind of fed up with this going on,” said Lt. Lex Bell with Unified Police Department. “This is five robberies of taco stands that have just happened this year.”

Police have little description of the suspect. Now the owners are doing what they can to protect themselves.

"We're getting cameras for each taco stand -- right now we're switching taco stands and getting cameras all over them,” Magana said.

Unified police is asking for the public’s help to catch the robber.

“I hope they catch these people, it's not OK to be doing this to innocent people who are out here making an honest living,” Perez said.

There is a reward set aside based on information given if you have any information or tips you’re asked to call Unified police 385-468-3814.