Warm weather means Midway Ice Castles closing soon

Posted at 9:50 PM, Feb 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-12 23:55:31-05

MIDWAY, Utah -- A Utah winter attraction is saying goodbye to the season after experiencing weather too warm to stay open.

Now, comes months of work to tear down the Midway Ice Castles.

Walk through the castle grounds, and you feel like you've stepped into a real kingdom, far, far away in a storybook fairy tale made for your dreams.

The beautiful ice formations wowed thousands this season. But, look closely, and this fairy tale is melting away.

Slowly, but surely, the ice kingdom is turning into water.

"We spend so much time building this castle, and it's so beautiful and big and elaborate, but then when the sun comes out it goes so fast," said Jesse Stone, a site manager at the Midway Ice Castles.

With temps in the 40s and 50s, he said it's time to close up shop.

"It just becomes a safety concern," he said, talking about the melting water that starts to soak the grounds and formations.

"We've had a good month and a half, it's been a great season compared to our three days that we had last winter" he said. "So, we're very excited with the outcome we've had this year."

Now comes months of work, he said. They'll melt and break up the beauty.

"We try to bring in equipment and try to assist in the melting process, break it apart with some big tractors and run some water on it," Stone explained.

It could be June before what visitors see today disappears.

So, for the last few days, many are coming from all over to get in the last bit of fun, and experience the wonder.

"It's [my] first time in Utah, and it's definitely making my experience amazing," said Brittany Price, who visited from Chicago.

"It's sunny and gorgeous. I love it, it's beautiful here," said Jenifer Phillips, who celebrated her 25th birthday by visiting the Ice Castles.

They get to see the sun shine, and the lights dance on the frozen formations for the last time this year.

While tickets are sold out for the weekend, Stone said they extended their season for two more days. The final days for the year will be Tuesday and Wednesday evening.

You can find tickets by clicking here.