Emaciated rescue dog struggles to eat, until veterinarian climbs into crate to comfort her

Posted at 8:11 PM, Feb 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-17 22:11:27-05

A dog that was found starving and in need of help was taken to an animal care facility in Georgia, and though veterinarian Andy Mathis initially felt euthanization was the best option, Graycie Claire the dog is now thriving after an outpouring of online support and an act of compassion.

According to posts from Granite Hills Animal Care, the dog was found January 29. The starving animal weighed only 20 pounds, was dehydrated and had a prolapsed vagina.

Mathis said his first instinct from “practical me” was to put the dog to sleep, but social media supporters urged him to follow the instincts of “veterinarian me” and try to save the dog. Thanks to online donations, Mathis was able to get the dog medical treatment and work toward rehabilitating her. Mathis said the dog, now named Graycie Claire, was eating and gaining weight, but was not eating comfortably.

“She’s been eating for the past 2 days, but not so comfortably, unless I leave the room, so today I decided to sit in the cage with her,” the vet wrote on Facebook.

Video of that moment shows Mathis sitting in the crate, eating breakfast from a bowl while patting and feeding Graycie Claire. The video has been shared more than 90,000 times as of Wednesday.

The dog’s condition is improving, and Tuesday the animal care facility posted a new set of photos showing the dog “moving in with the big girls.”

Another post from the care center summarizes the story of Graycie, and includes several photos of the dog when it was first brought in.