Feds hand over docs in Shurtleff cases, but grand jury may be called

Posted at 10:45 AM, Feb 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-17 12:45:15-05

SALT LAKE CITY — A court hearing for former Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff was canceled after federal officials handed over volumes of evidence to prosecutors.

Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings had accused the Justice Department of refusing to hand over evidence that he believed was important to his corruption case against Shurtleff. He was joined by Shurtleff’s defense team in seeking the documents.

In a court filing obtained by FOX 13, Rawlings canceled the hearing stating that the feds had provided evidence. Still, Rawlings wrote, he was seeking more documents — and raised the possibility that a state-level secret grand jury may be called to get it. He also said they could seek administrative action to review the documents.

“If pursued, either of these additional avenues will be with the anticipated cooperation of Mr. Mark L. Shurtleff, who has a constitutional interest in the evidence being sought,” Rawlings wrote.

Rawlings has previously said he is looking at federal investigations into Shurtleff and his successor, John Swallow. In November,Rawlings disclosed that among those he was looking at as part of his wide-ranging probe was Nevada Senator Harry Reid.

Shurtleff and Swallow are facing corruption-related charges, accused of accepting gifts and donations from people facing investigation by the Utah Attorney General’s Office.