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Pop Star dance class helps New York moms shed pounds

Posted at 4:48 PM, Feb 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-17 19:12:03-05

NEW YORK— At first glance, it looks like a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Justin Bieber’s upcoming tour.

However, it’s just another day at Pearl Studios in Midtown Manhattan where fans become one with their favorite pop stars.

This class which breaks down all the choreography to Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ music video, is just one of the many classes offered by Banana Skirt Productions.

The company is brainchild of Akina Rahmaan, a former Marketing Executive for Def Jam and new mom, who integrated her love for music and desire to get into shape, making it as effortless and fun as possible.

“Our classes are special because it’s a judgment-free zone,” Rahmaan explained to PIX11 News. “I mean you walk into the room and you don’t know any of the moves you’re going to learn over the hour. But by the end we guarantee you will know the full piece if not a portion of that piece and you really leave feeling accomplished. “

So accomplished students almost immediately boast about their new moves on social media which has been the driving force behind the company’s success in their less-than 2 years of operation.

“I would say like 80 percent of the people who come to our classes have seen us on Instagram,” she said. “Their friend posted it or they found our link because we do a lot of hashtagging.”

If the Biebs doesn’t float your boat, there’s Adele yoga, Rihanna Pilates or learn the steps to a J.Lo, Britney or Beyonce tune.

With its social media appeal that’s slathered with pop culture, the business model taps into the coveted Millennial demographic without the pressure of being perfect.

“Once I tell them they could mess up, I think it really sinks into their head and their like (sighs),” Banana Skirt instructor Marissa Montanez told PIX11 News.

“They can just relax a little bit because people come into our class and they don’t know what to expect. “

Classes with Banana Skirt are filling up fast so if you’re ready to channel your inner pop star – or dare to tackle their innovative Ratchet Zooba - visit their website to see what all the buzz is about.