Jenn Blosil advances on ‘American Idol’ as family in Utah cheers her on

Posted at 10:33 PM, Feb 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-19 00:33:15-05

OREM, Utah -- The results are in. Orem native Jenn Blosil is moving on to the next round in the final season of "American Idol."

At a watch party in her hometown of Orem, Jenn’s brother Nick Blosil describes the pride he feels when he watches his little sister singing her heart out on live television.

“It’s basically the signature in my email now: p.s. my sister is on 'American Idol'. I don’t know if you follow it but you should,'” he said.

Jenn is officially the pride of the Beehive State. She’s the last of five Utah contestants in this final battle of the epic series. Bri Ray, also of Orem, was one of those five contestants.

“All the people who were on 'Idol' from Utah, it’s just a whole network of people now below her, and we’re grabbing our fan bases and having them vote for her, so it’s a really good foundation that we have here for her,” Ray said.

Born into a family who loves music, Jenn has always been a unique talent.

“She was classically trained but hated just sticking to what’s on the page, so she would always start making up her own stuff,” Nick Blosil said.

She’s been showing off that signature style on the national stage.

“I think she’s doing an amazing job," Ray said. "She’s really staying true to herself, true to what she believes, who she is, who she wants to be. She’s not getting pressured into anything. She’s staying her little, quirky fun self."

She’s taking advantage of the once in a lifetime opportunity to launch the career she’s been dreaming about her entire life.

“Whether tonight is the last performance on 'American Idol' or whether it’s going to keep going on for her, we think this is just the start of something huge, and she’s got what it takes to really be a super star,” Nick Blosil said.