Twin sisters give birth to twins twice in Utah County

Posted at 8:50 PM, Feb 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-23 11:44:58-05

UTAH COUNTY -- In the last five years, Wallsburg twin sisters Kelli Wall and Kerri Bunker each had two sets of twins.

Initially, doctors told the sisters they would not be able to have children.

After In-Vitro treatments both eventually became pregnant.

“We were told we could never get pregnant on our own again unless we pursued fertility treatments,” Kerri Bunker said.

Bunker recently gave birth to Kash and Jace. The infants' siblings visited the pair at the NICU at Timpanogos Regional Hospital Tuesday.

“Look at Kash? Isn’t he cute? Do you believe those were in mommy’s tummy?” Bunker asked her 4-year-old daughter Hallie.

Then Bunker picked up Hallie’s twin brother, Kole.

“Who is that?”

“Jace!” exclaimed Kole, as he whispered his newborn baby brother’s name.

“Want to blow kisses to him?” Kerri asked Kole, and Kole blew him a big kiss.

Wall had her twins first, five-year-olds Madison and McKell.

Then a several months later, Bunker announced she was also having twins, four-year-olds Kole and Hallie.

“That was already an unbelievable moment, for both us to be pregnant and with twins,” Bunker said.

You can call it “twin-tuition” but the women say it must be divine intervention.

“My mom says these babies are meant to be here,” Bunker said.  “And they are meant to be with you obviously because the odds are stacked against you in so many ways. If you go back through our fertility history you would recognize it is such a miracle that these babies are here. We just feel like these are a gift from God. Honestly.”

After Kole and Hallie, Bunker stopped In Vitro Fertilization, and had frozen some embryos.

Then on their own, Bunker and her husband had 2-year-old Sadie.

After Hallie, Wall announced her second set of twins, using In Vitro again, came newborns Kyler and Kenadee. Then Bunker, for hopefully the last time, she announced she was having twin boys, Kash and Jace.  She did not use In Vitro for that pregnancy.

“It’s a fun story,” Bunker said.  “She has four children (ages) 5 and under. And I have five children (ages) 4 and under. And it’s kind of fun because I had a boy-girl first, and she had the two girls, and then we flip flopped, she did the boy-girl, and I did boy-boy. So we got our bases covered.”

It was more like a grand slam.

“It’s surreal,” Wall said. “It seems unbelievable. Even more unbelievable now that we have the second set here.”

They both have decided this is it though.

“I think it’s safe to stay my twin sister and I have completed our families and we are not trying to have anymore!  At this point my husband would die if we found out we are pregnant again,” laughed Kerri. “I think I would cry too!”

Both of them and their mother are feeling blessed everyone has come out healthy and happy.

Grandma Renae Park, Kerri and Kelli’s mother, also said she feels like the luckiest grandma in the world, to have so many beautiful twins in her family.

Kelli and Kerri also have a brother who had twin boys and Kelli’s husband, Dustin Wall, also has a brother who has twin boys.