Wendover residents participate in GOP Caucuses

Posted at 9:31 PM, Feb 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-23 23:31:21-05

WENDOVER, Nev. -- Nevada residents actively participated in the presidential election process as they got involved in the GOP caucus Tuesday night.

The border town of Wendover, Nev., is not a large city. In 2012, less than 10 people showed up to caucus. This year, a different story -- 25 residents showed up, many bringing with them passionate testimony on behalf of their favorite candidate.

"Rubio is a once and a lifetime candidate," said Michael Christensen.

"I support Ted Cruz because of his record," said Callan Payton.

"Donald Trump has run a major cooperation," said Robert Jackson.

Throughout the night, the room seemed to swing.

A strong argument for Marco Rubio's electability appeared to win the night.

"Many times people will come in and say I'm going to vote for this candidate, but when they get a chance to vote for or to listen to other people give their opinions on a candidate, sometimes they will go ahead and change their minds," said Steve Dennin, the chairman for precinct 20.

But in the caucus system, a decision is never truly made until the last argument is made. A late debate about the future of the Supreme Court and which candidate is the most qualified to appoint new justices, created a push for Ted Cruz.