Centerville City says recreation area will close if abuse of land doesn’t stop

Posted at 5:36 PM, Feb 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-25 19:36:42-05

CENTERVILLE, Utah - A popular Davis County recreation area is being abused to the point Centerville City has threatened to shut it down if things don’t change.

The Bonneville Shore trail area above Centerville is used daily for hiking, off-roading and shooting, but police say some aren’t staying in their designated areas. It’s a concern that prompted them to post on social media, asking people to be on the look out.

“Its always worse in the spring time,” said Centerville police Lt. Von Steenblik. “Everybody has spring fever and they want to get out, and this is really close so they come up here and they do things that they shouldn’t do.”

Steenblik said shooting violations, graffiti and unauthorized trail cutting are some of the main problems they see. Recently officers found a sign that had been damaged by gunfire. Steenblik said the trajectory indicated the shots were fired toward houses.

“It’s weeds and sagebrush and trees, and they just think they can do whatever,” Steenblik said. “But really it’s part of our water system, people just below us.”

The city has posted maps showing the designated areas, and they put up barricades to try to prevent people from making their own trails. Still, ATV riders like Dallon Tugaw said they see the damage.

“If people are complaining about it, maybe some point in the future we’re not going to have this area to come out and play with,” Tugaw said. “So I think if people quit abusing it, we can keeping having it to play around.”

The city has said if people do abuse the area, it will be closed down and fenced off. Police say they have a ridge side patrol they’re starting up to try to patrol the area more frequently. Violators can be fined for breaking the rules

Steenblik said they’re urging anyone who witnesses people abusing the land to call police.