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Get the scoop on pasta

Posted at 1:55 PM, Feb 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-26 15:55:41-05

PASTA 101:

Pasta has been around for centuries! And aren't we glad, however, sometimes PASTA gets dubbed as an unhealthy food choice.

Pasta has little to no fat, sugar or salt. It is made from durum wheat, which is hard, a high protein wheat-- stocked with vitamins and healthy nutrients.

*Pasta comes in dozens of shapes and types.
(Gluten free, high fiber, vegetable versions).

When cooking pasta, keep in mind that serving size matters:
2 ounce dry pasta or 1/2- 1 cup cooked pasta, is the suggested serving size.
While it does not seem like a lot, when paired with healthy proteins, vegetables, beans and sauces Pasta meals can be hearty and satisfying.

Some benefits of pasta are:

  • Pasta is a lower glycemic index food that is different from other carbs.
  • Pasta is slower to digest (a plus!)
  • Pasta will keep you feeling full longer (another plus)
  • After consuming your blood sugar levels should stay nice and even.

It is important to cook AL DENTE ("to tooth") which means slightly under cooked.
Fight the urge to give your pasta a shower/rinse after cooking. You do not want to halt the cooking process, so let is steam a minute or two for perfect pasta.

To get your fix for pasta, it can be found in multiple aisles in your grocery store:
Dry, chilled/deli case, frozen food section, health food section, bulk.