‘The VOID’ aims to offer gamers unique virtual reality experience in Lindon

Posted at 5:53 PM, Mar 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-04 19:53:04-05

LINDON, Utah -- Some are calling it the future of entertainment, and The VOID and their unique take on gaming is headquartered right here in Utah.

The VOID is described as a total immersion virtual reality experience that takes gamers inside of their own adventure, and while it's not yet open to the general public, FOX 13 News was offered a sneak peek.

“The VOID stands for the vision of infinite dimensions,” said James Jensen, chief visionary officer for The VOID. “We're basically changing the word void from not being anything to being everything: It's everything.”

The VOID is actually just a warehouse in Lindon, but thanks to custom headgear a vest and other technology, that space is transformed into a brand new world.

"The physical stage is 60-feet by 60-feet, but the virtual world could be infinite,” Jensen said. “I could actually have you walk for infinity in a straight line in the stage design that we came up with, and you would think that you were walking in a straight line.”

Participants can hear, feel and even smell their simulated virtual environment as they explore forests and fight on alien planets.

“The vest vibrating when things explode, and spiders, and the heat and the wind, and all of those different elements... so what you're seeing is actually happening, you know?” Jensen said.

One potential scenario involves ancient America.

“I am inside a Mayan ruin, and it's telling me this place is cursed, which concerns me a little bit,” one gamer said as she tried out the system.

Props made specifically for the VOID add to the experience.

"We wanted to create a gun that would be easy to use, that you wouldn't have to see your hand to manipulate the controls,” Jensen said.

VOID staff members say, with this technology, the possibilities are limitless.

“You'll have people at home that have their virtual reality equipment, but when they want to see a new feature or they want to go to a new world for the first time, they'll come to a VOID center to do that,” Jensen said.

The company is excited to share the experience with Utahns.

“We feel very confident that everybody that comes out of this thing is completely blown away,” Jensen said.

The team at The VOID said the abundance of tech talent coming out of places like BYU and the University of Utah prompted them to choose Utah as their headquarters.

They said they hope to expand the void both in the U.S. and internationally, but for now are happy with their location in Lindon.

According to their website, The VOID is currently running a limited beta test prior to their wider opening, but all slots for that beta have been filled. For more information, visit their website.