Third graders at Midway Elementary get life lesson in love

Posted at 9:53 PM, Mar 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-10 08:40:38-05

MIDWAY, Utah -- This video of a surprise proposal in a Utah classroom is getting thousands of views online. Third graders at Midway Elementary took a break from reading and writing Tuesday to learn a lesson in love.

“We have got a very special announcement,” said Principal Brian Thorne over the intercom Tuesday.

It’s an announcement that took a third-grade classroom by surprise. Especially the teacher, Hayley Kelly, when her boyfriend of five years, Rowdy, took over the intercom.

“Good morning Rangers. Many of you know Ms. Kelly third grade teacher has been dating her boyfriend Rowdy for a very long time,” Rowdy said over the intercom.

In a video capturing her reaction, Kelly’s mouth drops and she said, “Are you kidding me!”

“I just heard this voice come on over the loudspeaker and I was like I know that voice that's Rowdy,” Kelly said. “As soon as I heard his voice I knew what it was -- I knew what he was doing.”

She said ‘Oooo’ and then she started bawling, said Beck Neuberger one of Kelly’s students.

After the announcement, Kelly’s class crowded around her.

“Ms. Kelly and Rowdy were dating for a while and he just said come up to the office,” said Aubrey Calderwood one of Kelly’s students.

“If she will marry me if the answer is yes she can come down to the office right now to receive a very special sparkly gift ,” Rowdy said over the intercom.

Kelly rushed down the hallway.

“When I walked into the office I started crying even harder,” Kelly said.

That’s where she found Rowdy on one knee.

“I said yes I wouldn't have it any other way and then he put the ring on,” Kelly said.

“Her boyfriend gave her a giant ring with a bunch of diamonds on it,” said Berlyn Brown, one of Kelly’s students.

It’s part of her love story Kelly is grateful to share with her students.

“For the girls seeing the boys get down on their knee and ask I think is huge and I think for the boys to see him do that to me I think they learned a lot from it,” Kelly said with tears in her eyes.

Ms. Kelly will be Mrs. Dejong in May.